Saturday Dinner…

Bratwurst (johnsonville of course) on grilled sourdough with homemade red pepper relish and couscous salad. yum, yum and yum again.

I used my cast iron grill pan again and filled my apartment with smoke, my neighbors must hate me!

***red capsicum relish and couscous salad recipes are both from giant picture filled generic cookbook Best – Ever : 500 simply delicious recipes published in Australia (hence the ‘capsicum’)

2 thoughts on “Saturday Dinner…

  1. Looks great. Just a heads up, one of my rules is cutting out any chemicals that I can from my food. For the last year I have worked hard at eliminating MSG from my food. Unfortunately, even though Johnsonville is Wisconsin local, they do contain MSG. For this reason I buy all my brats/sausages from my local meat market where he makes them fresh in the deli. Much tastier and no chemicals.

    I look forward to seeing what you post in the future.

    • drat! maybe we can petition for a organic, no-msg, local grass-fed beef version! I’d pay extra and I bet others would too :)

      Whole foods didn’t have any brats, but I live near the old german neighborhood of Chicago and there are two nearby places I will have to check out. Thanks for the comments!

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