food magazines

I am generally against magazines. They are full of ads, you never actually get around to reading them and then you aren’t really sure if they are actually recycled or live in all their glossy uselessness forever.

food magazinesBut they started sending me free copies of Martha Stewart Living the last few months (they used to send Glamour and that went straight in the bin).  I am not a Martha Stewart fan, in fact her practiced, TV anchorwoman monotone is kind of like nails on a chalkboard to me, but there are cooking articles in there that are pretty interesting,  also crafting – yuch!, and gardening – hello? I live in a studio apartment in Chicago, both of which I skip or skim.  That said I have read every cooking piece in them and they are starting to fill up the basket I keep them in the kitchen.

Then at christmas my father put a copy of bon appetit in my stocking. I am totally hooked. I see the new issue and I try to resist and then I buy it anyway!

Hopefully I will get sick of them soon or I am going to have to force myself to add an item to the manifesto about magazine purchase and purging.

One thought on “food magazines

  1. Savuer is a great magazine that I used to subscribe to. Also Plate. Savuer usually focuses on a specific culinary region and is printed bi-monthly. Plate is a little more seasonal and I think that it is printed monthly.

    Another great resource for recipes, especially high end type of food is It is a very easy to search database of recipes from the likes of Gourmet, Bon Appetite and such.

    Good luck with your adventures in cooking. Be sure to support your local farmers’ market whenever possible too. That is where you find the freshest and best tasting vegetables and organic/grass fed/free range meats.

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