busy week

Okay so it was a busy week and I ate a lot of sandwiches with white bean and red pepper spread (on the right from the Moosewood low-fat cookbook) and and then of course I ate heaps of pizza, beer and “irish-car-bomb” cake at Liz’s b’day party! yay!

I did cook once this week.   Spare ribs with potatoes and mustard sauce (How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman).  Not the most fascinating meal ever but that kind of satisfying meat and potatoes comfort food that, although it cooks for a long time, doesn’t require much actual work. Example: brown meat, add liquid, simmer awhile, peel a couple potatoes, add them and simmer awhile more, add mustard, eat.  Oh, but don’t forget the fresh parsley, you definitely need the fresh parsley!

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