the air is full of spices

I am planning a recipe this week that calls for Chinese five-spice powder. I had never used and had not really heard of this spice blend. They do have it in the spice rack at the grocery store but because I have all 5 of the necessary spices. I made my own.
Sichuan pepper, star anise, fennel seeds, cinnamon & cloves. Don’t you wish you could smell it! Fabulous!

chinese 5 spice

4 thoughts on “the air is full of spices

  1. Illegal! That’s a depressing. I just discovered it a few years ago and fell immediately madly in love. It is just the right amount of floral to be interesting.

    • Yes, illegal. The way the Asian woman who owned the store explained it to me was that it is a berry. It was likely to contain bugs that the government didn’t want to let in. Just like bringing in fruit from foreign countries. Oh well, now that it is legal I will have to go out and get some. Maybe make some five spice tuna sushi rolls or something.

    • Oh yea, if you like lightly floral, lavender is one of my favorites. In fact I went to a liquor tasting a month ago and the shocker of the show for me was a lavender liquor. I am a bourbon man, so I don’t normally try liquors but I did this one and it was great. Made by Koval Distillery in Chicago. Unfortunately not distributed in Wisconsin as of yet but you should check it out. They are both organic and kosher.

  2. Back when I used to cook a lot of asian fusion dishes I always wanted to make my own. Years ago Sichuan pepper was illegal to import so I never could. One of these days I’m going to have to get a mortar and pestle and try it. I can imagine it must be much more fragrant and potent in flavor when you make it fresh.

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