Japanese-style dinner


laver (sea vegetable) after boiling to make dashi

Made dashi for the first time this afternoon, which if you don’t know is Japanese broth made with seaweed. It can also include bonito, which are dried smoked fish flakes. I think it smells great! The wild organic laver smells just like the ocean and then the smoky fish, yum!  I turned on the exhaust fan though to attempt to be considerate of the neighbors as they may not agree. Put in fridge for later.

salmon in marinade

salmon in marinade

Made marinade (John Ash, From Earth to Table) for salmon and put in fridge for 2-4 hours turning occasionally.  It basically consisted of soy sauce, mirin, sake, sugar, lemon, green onion and ginger.

<<did dishes, vacuumed, practiced guitar, took shower because I came back from African dance and didn’t shower right away, yuch…etc.>>

When I was ready to eat, I made the salad dressing, boiled the soba noodles, heated up the dashi, and put the salmon in the broiler

Then drained the noodles and put the salad together, finished the miso, pulled the salmon out of the broiler and poured myself a small glass of sake.


sake, miso soup, salmon and soba noodle salad

I have to say that this is one of those meals where it all tastes so good that I want to keep eating even after I’m full. But I stopped myself and while I write this I’m nibbling a green tea mochi for dessert.

Okay so the Japanese thing got a little crazy but I will say that, as usual, I find that when I make it myself it tastes better to me than anything I’ve ever had a restaurant.

Now I just have to clean-up the kitchen.  A word of warning… buckwheat soba will boil over on you way faster than regular pasta, so keep an eye on it or you will be cleaning the inside of your stove top, as I will this evening.

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