semifreddo – ice cream without the machine

chicken, green beans, garlic & tarragon custardI haven’t been lazy about cooking but I have been lazy about blogging. Here is what I was cooking this weekend.

I swear that is roasted garlic and tarragon custard from John Ash’s cookbook, not mashed potatoes.  I guess I didn’t oil the ramekin well enough because it did not come out in one piece, more like a series of unappetizing globs. Luckily they were delicious globs.

The chicken has a marinade of currant jam, brandy, and thyme.  It was fine but not great, although I think that may have been because of inferior currant jam.

semifreddoAnd dessert… Semifreddo is Italian for whipped cream, sugar, egg yolks, orange zest, dried fruit, yum…. just put it in the freezer and you have a close-ish equivalent to ice cream without the machine.

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