I love new cookbooks!!

cookbooksI can read and re-read cookbooks, these are my two new ones.

The Flavor Bible isn’t actually a cookbook, it is lists of flavors that go well together. Example: walnuts, endive, pears… duh, but brown butter, balsamic vinegar and fish…now that is interesting. It also has lots of great quotes and example dishes from well known chefs.   So much fun!!

The other is Rick Bayless’s Mexican Kitchen. I actually see Mr. Bayless pretty often here in Chicago, at the Green City Market or on the street, so I thought maybe it was time to add a little more Mexican cooking in my rotation. The warming weather probably also inspired the selection.

One thought on “I love new cookbooks!!

  1. I love the Flavor Bible. It’s awesome when you’ve got a single ingredient kicking around the fridge/pantry, but aren’t quite sure what to do with it. I use that book all the time — especially when trying to come up with new ice cream flavors!

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