tacos in tomatillo chicken

tacos of tomatillo chicken…with wilted greens and fresh cheese i.e. Tacos de Pollo en Salsa Verde (Rick Bayliss’s Mexican Kitchen)

I’m not usually one to swoon for Mexican food but these are seriously tasty. You aren’t going to get anything like this at taco bell.

Now, I spent some time on this recipe. I cut up and poached a chicken (local farmer, free range of course) and I roasted the tomatillos and serrano peppers for the sauce. It also helps that my local grocery store caters to a Mexican clientele so I was able to get good fresh tortilla’s and queso fresco made right here in Chicago. I got a little wimpy and took the seeds out of the peppers when I was making the sauce and it would be good with some heat so I will leave them in next time.

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