Please overcook the beans

veggie burgerGetting rid of your internet connection, even one that only works half the time really makes blogging difficult, but here I am at the coffee shop. In my neighborhood all public places are full of  small and very loud children…(sigh)… okay, I digress…

Earlier in the week I made Chili Burgers, a concoction of beans and oats with some veggies and spices, obviously chili powder, intended to be shaped, fried and eaten like a burger.

I fear I disagree, while the combo is a complete protein and perfectly tasty, it didn’t hold together very well and they fell apart when I flipped them. Also when you put them on bread, it really is total carbohydrate overload.

In the picture I have used Red Pepper Sauce (Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites) which is just roasted red peppers from a jar pureed with some buttermilk. It is tasty if you are fond of roasted red peppers although probably not on veggies burgers, maybe grill meat…hmmm…

I cooked dried beans which I have only done a few times before, and I managed to cook them perfectly for eating, but I suggest that when you need to mash the beans you overcook them a little. They were hard to mash and beans kept shooting up the side of the bowl, catching some serious air and dropping on the other side of the kitchen. (sigh)

So then I gave up trying to make burgers with the leftovers and just cooked the loose mixture and put together kind of a taco salad. I liked it a lot better.  I made Guacamole (Rick Bayliss’s Mexican Kitchen) for my taco salad. Guac is just simple but Mr. Bayliss’s recipe does seem to have brighter flavors which I like.  Sometimes guac can be a little too rich for me, so I did use a bit more tomato and lime juice then is in the recipe.

Now, I think it may be time to reassert my carnivorous ways for a while.

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