Green City Market after the rain…

I got up a little late this morning but decided to get on the train and head to the GCM. I ignored the overcast skies so of course by the time I got to Old Town it was pouring, I pulled out my umbrella and went straight to starbucks. It is a large and busy one full of ladies in full workout attire yet surprisingly fresh looking and drinking frappacinos. I started to think that this was a total waste of a morning and my work week had made me quite the b$&@h anyway. Yet a quiet cup of coffee and a yogurt while reading my book actually really helped my mood a lot. Then when the rain eased I headed over to GCM. It was seriously muddy but not crowded! Great for me but not really for the vendors. I wandered about eavesdropping on the local restaurant gossip but only managed to buy strawberries and arugula. Let’s face it I really need a recipe and a list or I don’t know what to buy.

In the end it was a lovely morning and I have the fresh strawberries and muddy shoes to prove it.

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