raw onion and garlic sauce, whew!

This is the Rachael Ray version of Cuban food. Although I have had Cuban food, I’m not an expert at all so I’m not sure how close it is to the real thing. I did enjoy it though, not jumping for joy, but no complaints as far as taste, it is a different twist on a sloppy joe which is nice. The smashed yucca was delicious, it was the first time I have made or eaten it.  Also although I don’t like potato chips I am now quite in love with plantain chips. If you haven’t tried them you should. That said…

That mojo sauce stuff was pretty pungent with the raw onion and garlic. Obviously it ends up cooked in the sloppy joes but is mixed in raw to the smashed yucca and on the tomatoes and plantain chips.   After I ate it I was pretty sure that I was leaving a trail of mojo scent behind me like a pepe le pew cartoon, or like that coworker you don’t need to see, you know he/she is there by your sense of smell alone, suddenly your eyes start to water in the cloud of cologne/perfume that has wafted into your office and you know that he/she just walked by the door.  I’m pretty sure that for a couple of hours after eating this tasty but odoriferous concoction, I was repelling all the vampires within a 100 yd radius, probably non-vampires also.

Ropa Vieja Joses – Cuban Sloppy Joes
Smashed Yucca, Sliced Tomatoes, Plantain Chips all with Mojo Sauce
(Rachael Ray: 365 No Repeats)

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