Thai Vegetable Curry

This was a simple recipe, I attribute its tastiness to making the curry paste myself, which I keep in the freezer. Both this recipe and the curry paste recipe are from the Moosewood Restaurant Low-fat Favorites cookbook. I’m finding that I gravitate to vegetarian dishes and fish in the summer so this cookbook gets used a lot. I also made Chinese Orzo Vegetable Salad (Moosewood again) with friends last weekend. This is a secondhand cookbook that Liz gave to Lori who passed it on to me. Thanks guys!

I also find that that I, who generally survives on water, coffee, wine and beer, am attracted to refreshing beverages in the summer. Last week it was a White Sangria from Rachael Ray 30-minute Meals 2. Well okay that is technically wine….but this week I broke my own rule and re-made a recipe I really like for Ginger-mint Tea (From Earth to Table). Now this is herbal tea, well…okay….you steep it with just a little Riesling…rats!

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