Ugliest ravioli EVER

Ravioli is obviously not a skill I have mastered. I’ve decided not to include the pictures of it covered in the inky-purple red wine sauce I put on it. This is haddock ravioli and yet it called for red wine sauce…hmmmm. (Practical Cooking – Fish & Seafood) Now there was no recipe for the sauce so I found one online. Just shallots and wine and herbs, reduced down a bit….but perhaps the authors had some thing else in mind because this combo was really nasty! Isn’t there something about the combo of tannins and omega-3s that is bad? Anyway, the next day I regrouped, I steamed the leftover ravioli and just added a little melted butter, a little lemon juice, and some Parm and salt and pepper! Totally awesome!

Has anyone ever successfully put a red wine sauce on haddock or similar fish? If so can you tell me the secret? Especially what type of wine you used. Thx

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