healthy snack

three roasted beets on foilYesterday morning I made beetroot hummus and linseed crackers (that is “beet hummus” and “flax-seed crackers” but the recipe book is Australian – Best-Ever 500 recipes)  It was kind of cold here yesterday morning so it actually sounded like a good idea to turn on the oven. Although, after the beets were roasted and it was time to bake the crackers it was getting a little warm out and I’d had a 400 degree F ovenuncooked linseed crackers on the cookie sheet in the oven going for over an hour.

This was my first cracker making attempt and it was way easy, I even had all the ingredients (flour, baking powder, sugar, flax-seeds, milk, olive oil).  I suspect that more linseed crackers will be made in the future.

The beetroot hummus recipe was actually way easier via the recipe.  It called or a “tin of baby beetroot” (can of beets) and linseed crackers and beetroot hummusready-made hummus. I, being the glutton for punishment that I am, roasted fresh beets and made my own hummus (I did buy canned chickpeas). Sometimes you just have to adjust a recipe to your tastes.  I love fresh beets, and I hate canned ones. I know this has to be mostly psychological. As for the hummus, I was already making some so I just split it and made one half beet and the other half lime flavored.

In the end beet hummus and linseed crackers are not going to make it onto a list of favorite recipes but both are tasty enough and you have to admit they are a no-guilt snack.

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