too busy/distracted to cook and seafood guilt

tomato goat cheese salad and tuna au poivreSo I realize that I’m single, childless and live in a very small apartment. I should have many hours to spend cooking very small batches of food and blogging about it. Apparently I am mistaken. Between packing and planning to move in a couple weeks and trying to complete a work project by next Friday,  I have been working stupid hours, eating take out and other crap, skipping my yoga class and generally stressing. So of course I’m sick now. Therefore today I will stop, not look at my work, sip herbal tea and blog amongst piles of half-packed boxes and wads of tissues. (yuck!)  Unfortunately because I haven’t been cooking so there isn’t much to blog about.

When I do cook I’ve been going for easy meals like the one on the left Tomato Salad with Goat Cheese (French Women Don’t get Fat) and Tuna Steak au Poivre. (30-Minute Meals 2).

I love tuna steaks but as with many types of seafood they seem to come with a side of guilt for me… I really can’ t be sure it is from a sustainable fishery, as I’m not that knowledgeable, and of course I live in Chicago so I’m not exactly eating local.

To make up for it I have been living by eating out and on delivery. The food may not be local or healthy but I am supporting small businesses in my ‘hood, right? :)

I did make some Cardamom-roasted Cauliflower (American Masala) and cooked up some tuscan kale with bacon this week as takeout is always a little short on the veggies; at least any that still resemble the vegetables they once where.

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