top-heavy chickens and a wine journal

I was feeling a little better and I had run out of leftover pulled pork from Smokey’s so I made a quick run to the store.

I marinated chicken breasts (with bones) in olive oil, fresh lemon juice, fresh rosemary and minced garlic (Grilled Chicken with Rosemary from French Women Don’t Get Fat). I don’t have a grill so I broiled it. It was super easy and very good… moist, juicy and delicious. There are lots of leftovers because although the chicken breasts were from Whole Foods and were ‘grown’ in Indiana, they seemed abnormally large … the kind you figure come from those chickens that barely walk they are so top heavy…… they were on sale.

I also made Fennel Baked with Stock and Parmesan (Bittman). Fennel can be an unappreciated vegetable and I’m not sure what nutritional value it has but it was delicious with that crunchy layer of melted Parmesan…mmmmm The only thing was that the recipe said it would absorb the stock and it didn’t. It came out looking a bit like french onion soup except with fennel…. it was still delicious.

For dessert I marinated a peach in olive oil, honey, vanilla and a little fresh thyme and broiled it. (French Women Don’t Get Fat again)

Finally I did have a little wine. I told myself I was sick and shouldn’t drink any, not even a little. I don’t need wine with takeout but when I cook dinner I want a little wine. So, I opened the bottle that I had just bought and just had a tiny bit.

~~FYI…. I had been saving wine bottles; always planning to start some kind of wine journal. Well I’m not moving all those bottles to the new apartment, so I put pics and info into an online wine journal here in WordPress. I was going to keep it private because it is really just a list and I don’t have the slightest idea what I’m talking about but I may as well share it if anyone is interested. I will occasionally add a link to it when related to the post.

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