wasted food

A couple weeks ago my moving was done, my oven was working and I had just returned from a work trip. I was excited about home cooked food! Finally!

So…Mashed Plantains with Oh Baby! Garlic-Tomato Shrimp on Top, Grilled Flank Steak with Lime and Onions, and Quick Rice with Black Beans.  It was, I believe, tasty…it is all a little blurry now because within hours I was very ill. Based in the symptoms and the fact that others at the conference I was at that week also were ill that weekend, I’m quite sure it wasn’t the food but as soon as I was well enough I threw it all away… I’m also sure that I won’t be able to eat anything similar for a long……long……time.

I will say that this was my first attempt at cooking plantains. I baked them because I don’t have  a microwave and they ended up a little dry and clumpy.

Of course maybe it was the beer, I only drank one though!

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