en papillotte

My first attempt at “en papillotte” (in a parchment envelope). I made Halibut en Papillotte. I did overcook it a little… but it was actually still good, so I will try again.  Also my new oven gets too hot.  I need to figure out how to adjust recipe temps for it. (almost 75 degrees lower, it seems)

The Mushroom Timbale was an internet recipe… just sauteed mushrooms and brown rice pressed into a ramekin (I don’t have a real timbale mold) but easy and tasty. Then I cooked up some apples with calvados and cinnamon for dessert. (not pictured)

I know it all sounds very fancy but for lunch today…frozen pizza.

**Halibut called for Champagne, I bought some affordable Cava.

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