remove bay leaves, add sultanas

chickenchutneydumplingsaladdinnerAhh… easy dinner. I got home a little late from work again and didn’t have any food. It is cold out but actually kind of a nice cold, so I walked over to the wine shop to browse for a few bottles so that I’m stocked up and then down to Gene’s Sausage Shop. The veggies looked pretty bad so all I bought were the chicken breasts and the potato dumplings. Then I came home and made the Tomato and Golden Raisin Chutney sauce…yum-oo!

I opened a bottle of Torrontes-Chardonnay that I bought because the Torrontes I bought a few weeks ago was great. This bottle unfortunately was not great. oh-well

I made a salad with the last of the kind of sad spinach in my refrigerator and dinner was served too bad it is now 9:30 and my kitchen is a mess. I drank just enough of that not great wine while I was cooking to be a little sleepy.

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