unattractive but tasty porridge

porridge with squash apple compoteI admit that this may not appear to be the most appetizing breakfast ever. I promise it was tasty. As usual thank you Kim Boyce.

She calls for steeping the milk for the porridge with spices: cardamon, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice. Then if you don’t know quinoa (keen-wa) yet, it is good stuff so try it, toothy and full of protein. I had black quinoa so that is what I used but white might be more attractive.

(aside: Wham!’s Last Christmas is playing on Pandora…cheesy xmas music magic. love it!!)

The Squash and Apple Compote is delicious but I will say that shopping choices seem to be key here. I just bought a butternut squash… easy, but for the apples I wanted to buy some that would not turn to mush “immediately” when they hit the hot pan. I went for Pink Ladies which I have not actually used before. Now, I envisioned relatively mushy apple with caramelized squash chunks. What I got was mushy squash with chunks of apple. So next time I would need to rethink the apple selection. They just never got translucent or very soft and I had to keep adding water so the sugar didn’t burn to the bottom of the pan.

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