let’s start with something simple – steak and salad

It has been awhile… with the holidays and my trip to Senegal I haven’t been around much to have time to cook anything interesting.

(….Oh, side note)  Senegal was fabulous. The food that Fatima cooked for us everyday was so delicious! We ate a lot of fish and rice, although also chicken and mouton (lamb) maybe some root veggies… all of it spicy and served on one large platter that we all ate off together. Yummy! I guess I should have taken some pictures!  I do find that now I’m craving things you don’t get really get to eat when in West Africa like salad, steamed veggies and pork. In fact I ate steamed broccoli and roasted beets on spinach salads for most of last week!salad w/prosciutto and steak

Anyway… I’m back to my kitchen and feeling a little more settled in again, but not feeling very ambitious yet.  I had to try out my new gadgets from xmas, though.  First, I used my mini-mandolin for the fennel on the salad which worked excellently. So fennel on arugula with cherry balsamic and prosciutto (pork!) on top. It was supposed to be pomegranate seeds rather than cherries but the store did not have any yesterday. The substitution worked though and it was still delicious. The steak is pasture raised grass-fed rib-eye with Parmesan butter and balsamic/shallot glaze. Easy and tasty. As usual searing meat in my new apartment requires a lot of prep.


  1. smoke detector – take down, remove battery (this requires my step ladder, a must for short people with high ceilings)
  2. bedroom door – closed
  3. living room ceiling fan – on
  4. backdoor – open
  5. fan – running on high and pointed out the backdoor  (to blow the smoky air out)
  6. after searing is complete and room is no longer hazy reverse steps 1-5
  7. apartment – still smells like seared meat on day 2…oh well, I tried.

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