Fat = Flavor and Burnt Pecans

dinnerYou may have noticed that those rare times I cook with and/or for others I tend to forget to blog about it. All the human interaction, that I’m not really comfortable sharing, gets muddled up with the thoughts about cooking and recipes. I’ll try though…

Roast Pork with with Garlic and Rosemary: This was the Bittman recipe, easy and good.  I made the comment before dinner that fat tends to equal flavor and this boneless pork butt had plenty of both.

The next two recipes I got from Bon Appetit. The Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges are obvious and easy, I just roasted the potato wedges. The recipe included a Smoked Chile Cream, so it called for a chipotle peppers and sour cream. I just went for Tabasco Low-fat Greek Yogurt because that is what I had in the fridge.  I did probably use a bit too much Tabasco. It was pretty spicy.

And then the Sauteed Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Smoked Ham and Toasted Pecans, probably my favorite of the three recipes.  A whole bag of brussels sprouts makes a lot… I was glad I used the food processor and didn’t try to shred them all by hand.  I also famously burned the pecans while trying to toast them on the stove. I was trying to talk and doing other things at the same time.  I guess I should never work in a restaurant.  Nathan saved the day and toasted batch #2 to perfection. He also must be credited for the wonderfully artistic food styling for the photo!

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