quinoa cookies

quinoa cookiesI wish I had more to say about the quinoa cookies.

Making them allowed me to use my mixer again. They use both quinoa flour and something called quinoa flakes…and I do love new ingredients. I was a little skeptical after my first taste. For one, they are kind of unattractive again, perhaps a quinoa problem in general. The quinoa flakes on top looked, well, not appetizing to me. They are also pretty simple: quinoa flour/flakes, oats, brown sugar, molasses… the usual, but nothing to get your attention like chocolate or nuts.

I ate one and put the rest in the freezer. I prepared to forget about them and then throw them away when sufficiently freezer burnt. As it happens I haven’t forgotten about them and I’ve taken some out, warmed them up,  and eaten them. They seem to be growing on me. In fact one evening I ate 4.

I did rather like the picture of the cookie with red background so I used it as my new banner. It seems that even though baking is not my favorite kitchen activity, that baked goods make the best banner pictures.

aside: I am annoyed that the spell checker doesn’t recognize the word “quinoa.” I use it a lot in this post. I also use “I” alot, don’t I?

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