cookies are kind of boring


Golden Kamut Shortbread

I’m sorry but they really are… butter-sugar-flour, butter-sugar-flour…. Next time I will have to try something fancy sounding like meringues or macaroons; also from the melt-in-your-mouth chapter of the book.

These are very tasty and they use Kamut flour, which I like. I guess they are just shortbread, so automatically pretty basic. I had all the ingredients in my kitchen and I didn’t know if he liked chocolate, or lemon, or coconut so basic sounded like a good idea.

Another reason I chose this recipe is that I have a tart pan. I lack so many of the tools that seem to be required for baking. I don’t have: piping bags, offset spatulas, or miniature muffin pans (oh…and that just goes too far, when you have to have mini, regular and jumbo sizes). Actually I don’t even have an 8″ square baking pan; but that is practical and therefore I will buy one.

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