Can I Make Pate at Home? Do I Really Want To?

cookbookSo I have been reading this cookbook, Country Cooking of France, for many months now.  It is huge book and I do actually read the recipes, all of them.  Also it isn’t like I take it on the eL and read for an hour every morning, I read a few pages here and there.  But I have not made even one recipe. I haven’t ever really been tempted. I suppose because so many of the recipes seem to include liver or pigs feet. Also trussing things up in string and cheesecloth and simmering for hours and hours… It is all a little intimidating and let’s face it not always all that appetizing. At some point here I will have to try something. I suppose I should start with baked goods or a vegetable and hold off on the cassoulet or duck confit.

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