Fish and Roses

fried catfish fingers with country remoulade


So I did all my usual. I opened windows and ran a fan, etc.  I still knew that my apt stunk of fried fish and was little concerned that I may have some absorbed some so I did change by shirt before I left for my guitar class, apparently this was not enough.  I was one of the last people there and sat down and got out my guitar and things and after a minute the teacher says…”does anyone smell french fries?”  So humiliated! But I owned it because I was just glad he didn’t say “fish.” ((Note to self: After frying food you must always wash your hair before sitting in a windowless room with strangers for 90 minutes.))

It was delicious the first night, but I bought two fillets, which for me translates to about 3 meals.  The second rewarm in the oven was fine. The third was really kind of nasty; not in any way related to the recipe but let’s be honest anything fried doesn’t make for good leftovers and neither does fish.

As for the specific recipe; I will say that although I like southern dishes they never feel particularly subtle to me. This recipe is all the heaviness of mayo, and strong flavors of hot sauce and Dijon mustard in the fish marinate/coating and in the remoulade dipping sauce (kind of french/southern tarter sauce).


yellow rosesI love yellow roses. These little cheapy ones never opened and had no scent, which is sad, but they were lovely while they lasted. They are gone now but yesterday was so lovely out that I thought perhaps I wouldn’t buy any for this week. It is dark, raining, and still a little cold here today, so I will probably grab a new bunch of floral sunshine later. The thunder in shaking my kitchen windows, but at least it isn’t snowing!

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