toasted pine nuts make rice special

Dinner included sauteed greens with cannellini beans and garlic, rice pilaf with pine nuts, and roast chicken with rosemary-garlic paste.

So the chicken is just rubbed with rosemary paste and roasted.  I made the paste in my spice grinder with fresh rosemary. It also included juniper berries and I can’t seem to resist a recipe that calls for juniper berries. I thought I would have trouble cleaning the paste out of my spice grinder (really just a coffee grinder) after filling it with fresh rosemary, juniper berries, peppercorns and fresh garlic but I didn’t actually.

The greens are kale… have I mentioned before that I love kale. I think I have. The rice is just boring old rice pilaf but I did use brown rice and I toasted the pine nuts, because I had company and it needed to be special. Toasted pine nuts are special, dontcha know

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