I may be too excited about my new grill.

vegetables on the grillI still like everything about it, my new WeberQ with ceramic grates and two burners.  I love the heat, the smell of the caramelizing vegetables, being outside. I’m sure that just like all other loves at some point these will be just the things that will annoy me. For now I will ride the wave of new love and spend so much time with it that I’ll end up sick of looking at it.

I have been dreaming of a grill all my own and now here I am giddily taking pictures of it to post on facebook like people do with their pets. “Isn’t it cute full of vegetables?”

My only real substitution for this salad was eggplant (not pictured) instead of zucchini which was pretty sad looking at the store. (Disclaimer:  This meal was not organic. I bought all my groceries at Jewel for the first time in months.) The dressing was olive oil and balsamic with kind of standard Indian spices: garam masala, cayenne, coriander, cumin, ginger, garlic, fresh cilantro and mint. I have had some some difficulty with Mr. Saran’s recipes in the past. Most have so many flavors that they feel muddled and all the flavors are lost but this one is working for me.

It was all so beautiful and I had every intention of posting a picture of the salad put together on my plate but I started eating it and then it was gone.

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