How do you keep your tart from leaking?

vidaliaonionquicheDoes that sound dirty? but you see…ALL THE CUSTARD JUST LEAKED OUT THE BOTTOM OF MY TART SHELL!! I was making an onion tart. I cooked up some Vidalia Onion Confit and blind baked a the pastry shell. It says to put the onion confit in the tart shell and then pour the custard over (milk, cream, eggs, parsley) but of course, duh the pastry had holes in it, isn’t waterproof and I have a removable bottom on the tart pan. Disaster!! all over the stove top. So I quick put it on a sheet pan and into the oven. I waited for a few minutes to get it to cook a little and then poured the remaining custard on top…there has to be a secret. What is the secret?? Did I just make a crappy tart shell?

It may have made a mess but it is very delicious. One of those way better than restaurant food moments.

I also made onion soup this week and froze it because it was the first time I’ve seen Vidalia onions at the store. I bought too many of them and they don’t keep well.

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