fava beans and fresh pasta


This seems like it should be an easy meal, just pasta and sausage and beans.  –> recipe on bon appetit

 Two of these ingredients are multi-step processes though, the fresh pasta and fresh fava beans

I do like that it doesn’t require me to cut the pasta into any specific shape but making pasta takes just a little more time even if I have dough ready in the freezer.

This was the first time I have made fava beans and again multiple steps. 1) I took them out of the pods, 2) blanched them for a few minutes and then left them to cool, 3) peeled the beans themselves of the now white and wrinkly thick outer layer, 4) So by the end my big bag of fava bean pods from the grocery store turned into a very small pile of edible little green legumes.

Once those two things are done it is super fast and basic. I guess I could have used dried pasta (or purchase fresh pasta) and frozen favas, but what’s the fun in that?

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