a greekish dinner

The salad dressing/marinate for the chicken was great with the fresh oregano and lemon zest.  The feta I bought at the local grocery was fab-u-lous but I have a huge wedge of it!  This is no little package of feta crumbles so we may end up in a too much of  a good thing situation. I also got some great kalamata olives and Lebanese style pita. Then I cranked up my grill for the chicken. (I’m still in love and it has been so rainy here in Chicago I still haven’t had a chance to use it much) –> recipe on Rachael Ray

This was my first attempt at using phyllo too and I don’t think it went all that well. The recipe is trying to make it easy on you by not making you layer hundreds (exaggeration) of sheets of phyllo with melted butter.  This recipe calls for about 4 sheets each and this just really isn’t enough. These spanakopita-sorta’s are okay but I also made the bakla-squares (simplified baklava?) and they were pretty bad. I will spare you the photos. I notice that they did on the web site too. –> spanikopita, bakla-squares


The future?: google earthing other people's dinner tables

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