cherry-pistachio biscotti

pistachio cherry biscotti

I am really a big fan of homemade biscotti… not those jaw breakers covered in chocolate from Starbucks, but lovely nuts and dried fruit, a little sweet, crunchy but crumbly. These were really crumbly and I almost had more biscotti crumbs then pick-them-up and eat them cookies.

I couldn’t find shelled pistachios at my little local grocery so I shelled them all myself….(sigh) that took a little time. I actually did it on the same day I did the fava beans so lots of shelling, shucking, peeling that day.

The mixed dried cherries from the bulk bin at Whole Foods were perfect and when it called for a little almond extract I was skeptical but it was a perfect little subtle flavor layer that of course works well with the cherries.

I would definitely say to give them a try.  –> recipe on bon appetit

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