rhubarb-sorrell tart

rhubarb tart

This is the cover recipe for Good to the Grain.  If you like to bake (and I actually don’t), you need this book. I swear. Probably my best cookbook investment ever.

Of course it is a blogger favorite so if you just search Good to the Grain and rhubarb tart you will find many versions of this recipe. I basically followed both the cornmeal crust recipe and made the compote with the dried hibiscus flowers from the book, no substitutions.  The dried hibiscus, called jamaica on the package, came from my local grocery found with the other packets of Mexican spices, dried chilies, etc.  I have extra, so I will make some hibiscus tea, also called jamaica or sorrell tea, popular in the Caribbean. I actually first had it in Senegal this winter…I think I may make mine with a little less sugar than most traditional recipes seem to call for  :)

These tarts are so delicious that most went into my freezer to be defrosted on another day. I refuse to share.

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