savory flan

aparagus flanThis savory flan thing seems to throw people, they can’t get beyond that caramel dessert flan they serve in Spanish and Mexican restaurants. So when I say asparagus and bacon they tend to make a face.

It is just like quiche which is really just like fancy scrambled eggs, right? I only had skim milk and half&half, and one less egg yolk because I had a couple egg whites leftover from another recipe that I needed to use, so it was relatively healthy. I mean compared to whole milk, heavy cream and extra egg yolks. Also with flan there is no crust. I just cooked and chopped some asparagus and bacon and put them in a pie plate, mixed up the eggs, half&half  and milk with some herbs and salt and pepper, pour into the pie plate and baked. No grocery shopping required and baked eggs with bacon and asparagus is delicious.

I had a hard sell on that smoked salmon cheesecake I made last year too. It was really good…again cream cheese and smoked salmon combo, duh.

I get it some words trigger memories and ideas of  “sweet” immediately, so coupled with asparagus or salmon…   But really that makes a flan is the baked eggs or a cheesecake, the baked [cream] cheese, not the sugar.

My only trouble with this flan is that it was a little ‘watery’ or  ‘juicy’ in the bottom of the pie plate. I assume some of the liquid was from the eggs, some from the skim milk and some from the steamed asparagus.  But I just drained it off the plate and ate with a salad. Yummo

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