more cherry clafoutis

cherry clafoutisI realize that making cherry clafoutis is the height of foodie blog cliche. Every one seems to have a post about cherry clafoutis.  But you go to the farmer’s market and they have both Rainier and Bing cherries from Michigan and so you buy them both and then what are you going to make? cherry clafoutis!

I went traditional and left the pits in. I could just admit to being lazy. Instead I will state that they add flavor and I like it when the cherries stay nice and round and push up above the batter rather than get all smoochy and flat. This was a very simple recipe, no almonds, no kirsch, no vanilla just: flour, eggs, sugar, milk, cream and butter. I don’t have a recipe here. Just do a Google search and you will get a million other blogs with recipes.

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