tipsy watermelon

watermelon saladNow that it is getting cold, and I have extra couple days off, I am going through the pictures of the things I never got around to blogging about. Somehow once you need a jacket, the tipsy watermelon salad doesn’t sound as good….but for next year…

Say it is August and you getting a little bored with plain old watermelon. Whisk together lemon juice, sugar, vodka and creme de cassis (very sweet black current liqueur) pour over watermelon and chill for an hour or 2 and sprinkle with fresh mint. Sweet but yummy. recipe

Yes, I had to add creme de cassis my liquor collection. I use a few tablespoons in a recipe and then never touch them again. For example, how many years can you keep a bottle of vermouth after you open it? I have two bottles, dry and sweet, that I should have poured down the drain in 2007.

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