quesadillasAh, quesadillas…you know you make them, you eat them, yes, they are boring, but they are fast, tasty and healthier than fast food.  Mine took a little longer because I grilled my chicken and veggies and I don’t really buy salsa in a jar so there was a little chopping to do.

I marinated the chicken breasts in honey and mustard (2 tbls of whole grain mustard and 3 tbls of honey), then grilled them along with some banana and jalapeno peppers. (Kind of like roasting them, so I cooked them until they were soft then cored them and peeled off the blackened skin.) Everybody say ‘yum.’

Then I packaged my mixed grill slices in tortillas and cheddar cheese, quesadilla style, and topped with serrano pepper, tomato, scallion and cilantro.

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