some details on the flambe….

So I had decided to move the pan to the oven door before I lit it so as not to start the upper cabinets on fire.  I had my fire extinguisher near by; just in case.

Plan:  1) add the gin 2) move pan down onto the open oven door 3) light it on fire

What actually happened:  1) I added the gin 2) I started moving the pan from the burner to the oven door, burner still on of course and 3) it expectantly lit up in a big plume of purple! It did not start the cabinets on fire.

I had considered trying to take a picture but decided that lighting alcohol on fire with one hand and taking a photo with the other sounded a little dangerous. I think that was a good decision. Perhaps I should have set up the web cam to record it a la ‘My Drunk Kitchen’ but I am just not as funny and charming as she is… so maybe not. The plume of purple fire would have been good though.

This recipe actually calls for some juniper alcohol called ‘genievre’ to do your flambe, but I did the substitution and just steeped some crushed juniper berries in 3 tablespoons of gin. I really did not need to add to my alcohol collection.

And what did I end up with? Coq a la Biere, so kind of like Coq au Vin but with beer and mushrooms. The recipe comes from northern France so I went in search of a Belgian Brown Ale, failed, and settled for a Polish Porter.

I realize that picture is mostly my tasty rapini (broccoli rabe), it was really good. I just chopped it all up and blanched it, added with a little butter and salt, perfect.  For the mashed potatoes, I had a wedge of La Vache Qui Rit (Laughing Cow Cheese), creamy swiss flavor, and mashed it in there. I should fear this soft cheesy substance in a foil wrapped wedge but I love it!  I highly suggest smashing some into your next batch of mashed potatoes.

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