Betty Crocker = mayonnaise

chef's saladIt feels like every recipe in the Betty Crocker cookbook calls for mayonnaise. I’m sure this is not the case. It just feels that way. Perhaps this is my own bias.  I feel like Betty Crocker equals mayonnaise, so therefore when I pull the cookbook out it is because I am looking for recipe that calls for mayonnaise. It is like going to the grocery store for carrot sticks and coming home with cookies..face it you went to the store for cookies. Or saying you want one sort of man but you always end up with a different sort, similar to the last one of the same sort that you decided was the wrong sort but because that is the sort you are actually looking for…you end up with another one of that same sort…don’t deny it, we all do it.  mayonnaise

So regular old chef salad…and what is all of this about mayonnaise, you ask? It is in the dressing of course!  A Betty Crocker fan of a blogger put the recipe online for you.  I tried getting it on the Betty Crocker web site but all that came up was chef salad pie…ewww.

1 thought on “Betty Crocker = mayonnaise

  1. Probably the most entertaining and insightful post I’ve read on this blog.

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