I had to have that stalk of brussel spouts

grilled mahi-mahi with brussel sprouts carrotsSo I went to the store to buy tuna but bought mahi-mahi instead, I was going to buy spinach but then bought some arugula too and then I stopped at Trader Joes for fresh sage because WholeFoods didn’t have any and there was a whole stalk of brussel sprouts. I had to have it! Impulse grocery shopping.

When I go home I used the same marinade recipe and grilled the mahi mahi, just like I was going to do the tuna. I cleaned both the spinach and arugula and mixed them together and I found in Moosewood the suggestion to make the brussel sprouts with carrots.  I had some of those! Also to use a roasted garlic dressing and guess what… I had an extra head of garlic.

So my plans may never really go exactly right but it can still end up perfect if I embrace the detours.

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