1 brick and a brown plastic tarp please

panini brickI wanted to make panini but did not want to buy a panini press or some small electric appliance to try to fit into my apt’s limited cabinet space. Aside: I will make space for the waffle maker I got for xmas! With limited space you must have priorities.

Anyway…The recipe actually suggested a foil covered brick and although I was not sure about this I decided I could make make the 95 cent investment to try it out.  I headed to Home Depot and while I was there I wanted to buy something to cover up my outdoor furniture for the winter so I purchased a brown plastic tarp. I did feel a little odd buying one brick and tarp. I felt it necessary to explain to cashier why. I don’t think she cared though.

Anyway, I picked kind of a square brick and used my cast iron grill pan and it workedpanini fabulously. Cheap and effective. I highly recommend it. My foil was a little wimpy so I suggest using heavier duty foil. I just washed it off when I was done and put it away, foil and all. I don’t think the same foil will last forever but at least for one or two more sandwiches.

The recipe calls for you to thinly slice some cucumber and red onion and do a quick pickling with vinegar, sugar and salt. You can leave them in the pickling mixture for an hour or 24. I liked it. A fresher crunchier version of pickles on your sandwich.  I just made my own honey mustard, as I already have both ingredients: honey and mustard. I made my own thousand island dressing also. That required a few more steps. I just had to boil an egg and very finely chop some olives and onions…and yes, thousand island contains mayonnaise and the recipe came from my Betty Crocker cookbook.

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