savory bread pudding for xmas eve

pan of spinach artichoke bread puddingOkay, so I was going to make lamb shanks but the lamb shanks that I found at the grocery in my hometown in Wisconsin (not a place where lamb is a particularly popular meat) turned out to be inedible once removed from the shrink wrap and weird sticky bandage-like-wrapping-stuff. They were returned. Have you ever returned meat? Not fun.

Then my mother said that my aunt who was coming to dinner was a vegetarian, (Turns out she actually isn’t any longer.) but I found a recipe online from Emeril, (Not usually my favorite, as you can tell from my Emeril-less cookbook collection.) but all the ingredients would be available and fresh at the local grocery store and I thought it was non-controversial (I was wrong. Savory bread pudding, kind of like savory cheese cake or flan, disturbs people.) but everyone said they liked this, a kind of like spinach-artichoke dip with the bread (and lots of brie) already in it. It was rich and yummy and the leftovers were great.  Mid-westerners seem to turn their noses up a bit at the idea of eggs for dinner, at least a holiday dinner. For those of you that agree…we did have a side of steak.

I also made some mushroom latkes and onion-applesauce which were tasty but not very pretty and I didn’t have a good picture for the blog.  The recipe you will see calls for celery root. Again one of those things you take for granted in Chicago but that does not seem to be popular in Wisconsin, yet.  I finally found some squishy-moldy ones… I substituted with good old fashioned potatoes.

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