more things to do with roasted veggies

roasted beet and broccoli slaw

Why do they do this to us? They assume everyone is a wimp and only wants the broccoli flowers. The stems are the best part. duh! Also you can’t make broccoli slaw with the florets.  I did finally find some at Jewel of all places.  They were even organic, but they were a little ‘woody.’ I had to discard some of the woodier bits, found because they could not be shredded.  Shredding roasted beets was easier just a little messy. The recipe called for golden beets but those just aren’t as easy to come by in the winter, besides I love the bright pink of beets.

‘almost’ bagna cauda broccoli

I forgot to buy anchovies. I was so sad. I always have a can of anchovies. I was forced to just go ahead without them. As it happens roasted broccoli with garlic butter and toasted almonds is delicious even without the anchovies and the most diehard vegetable hater would eat this… all of it. I ate a whole head of broccoli for dinner.

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