vanilla ice cream and xmas presents in action part 4

The ice cream is just vanilla but Alton does call for a little peach jam to be added…something about making it thicker?…I didn’t get it but it inspired me to buy some frozen peach slices. The ice cream was delicious with real vanilla bean goodness, but the peaches tasted like exactly nothing. I guess it didn’t distract from the vanilla flavor then and they look pretty with my Anthropology measuring cup, that I’m sure is totally not accurate for measuring, but pretty. I use them for mise en place bowls or occasionally for eating ice cream.

I also considering buying a pear just so I could pare a pear with the pair of paring knives I got for xmas. Ha! (I’m sorry you had to suffer through that but I just couldn’t stop myself.)

I am greatly enjoying these knives.  I have a nice chef’s knife but I only had some old weird serrated paring knives that I probably bought from the grocery store after I moved into a new apartment and realized that all the knives had belonged to the previous roommate. And these are even pretty. And they are the only knives I have that have fancy plastic protective sleeves.  And maybe I need protective sleeves for my hands because I threw one it in the dishpan and forgot and managed to grab it underwater and stab myself pretty good. And…bloody dishwater. And….yuch.

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