I do not like the smell of boiling pork

bowl of salted pork and lentils…and it comes out gray.  And then you add lentils which are greenish-gray. Mushy gray food. You’re hungry now, aren’t you?  The thing is that it is really quite delicious which is why you should call it petit sale aux lentilles rather than boiled pork with green-gray mush. Actually maybe that is the British version :) The parsley really helps to make it look more attractive luckily.

So, don’t judge a meal before you taste it. Which is actually odd because appearance and definitely aroma are decent indicators of flavor. Okay…not always, lots of pretty food in restaurants barely tastes like anything. Baked goods can smell delicious and taste nasty and fish sauce, ahhh… that most noxious of condiments that makes everything taste better…okay maybe not baked goods or petit sale aux lentilles, but you know what I mean.

Okay this recipe requires brining the pork shoulder for a couple days and them simmering it for an hour and a half. So one of those where the work itself is minimal but a multi-day commitment is required. There is no instant gratification here. You have to plan and once you start you have to finish. You really can’t put 2lbs of raw pork shoulder in a brine in your fridge and then change you mind about cooking it.

Other Notes:

  • I was not able to find curing salt which I read helps with the gray meat thing; makes it pink, I think.
  • I find that I love “studding” whole onions with whole cloves, making bouquet garni in little muslin bags and any recipe that calls for juniper berries.
  • I bought some actual green lentils from France. I think this does make a difference. They are smaller and firmer than your standard grocery store lentils. And although I really love lentils, I have a bad habit of overcooking them that I am working to overcome.

1 thought on “I do not like the smell of boiling pork

  1. Rebecca LeFever 2012/02/25 — 5:01 pm

    Lentils are an issue for me most of the time. I have trouble finding anything to use them in other than rice dishes. Thanks for the idea.

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