bangers and mash

plate of sausage and mashed potatos…okay it is actually knackwurst and mashed potatoes.

Rachael’s ‘fancypants’ onion sauce was supposed to be deglazed with white wine but I wasn’t drinking white wine, I was drinking dark beer. So it was kind of Germanized bangers and mash…of course maybe it is the other way around, maybe bangers and mash is really anglicized German food…anyway.

I couldn’t find a great reference for this specific recipe but google it and pick one with good onion sauce/gravy (i.e. it calls for a fresh herb, some wine and broth…not a gravy packet!) Also mashed potatoes are always just a little more delicious with a couple tablespoons of cream cheese (or a wedge of laughing cow!) and chives.

Sausages and mashed potatoes were both staples of our dinner table while I was growing up.  So this is good winter comfort food for me on a busy weeknight; it didn’t require any pricey or hard to find ingredients or 2 days of prep.

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