goan-style shrimp curry heaven…

I made some organic brown basmati rice, which I always have in my cupboard and totally love.  This is rice you could easily eat totally plain and be happy. I was then a little distraught over my lack of curry leaves… btw, I don’t live that far from Devon, an Indian neighborhood here in Chicago where I’m sure I could buy some curry leaves….next time.

Now, Mr. Suvir Saran and I have had our disagreements; about how many different spices or chiles to put in something or how long to cook it, definitely how long to cook it.  So I am usually not very optimistic.  I have only made 10 of the recipes from his American Masala cookbook. I have only liked 2 of those 10: grilled vegetable salad and spiced pear chutney …but this, this is one of those where you keep thinking… I must stop eating. I have to stop! But you can’t. It is coconut-milk-curry-heaven, with shrimp….good thing I ran out of rice.

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