cheese in your frozen yogurt?

My oranges weren’t very sweet so this really wasn’t really a very sweet dessert but that of course works for me…dairy & fruit, sweet, salty and tart all in one. yum.

feta frozen yogurt with blood orange and mint granita

I made this last week. It was super easy and the ingredients are all things that I love. Okay, full disclosure, this is technically the first time I have purchased blood oranges. Does that hurt my already iffy foodie cred?

Anyway, I used plain full fat Greek yogurt and added the honey. Also a mild fresh/soft french sheep’s milk feta in water.  I will say that the process of pureeing and then forcing the oranges through a sieve for the granita…well, if you have a juicer for this step I say go for it. I don’t think you would really lose much flavor…maybe you would need more than 2 oranges?

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