3 layers of cake

The good side

I have made 3 layers of sweet potato cake with caramel cream cheese frosting. What was I thinking. I peeled, boiled and mashed sweet potatoes. I also only owned 1 cake pan and no confectioners sugar so I made a special trip to the store for 2 cheap cake pans and lots of confectioners sugar.

It has been mention many times here that I am not a big baker or a particular fan of cake or frosting.   But I do like carrot cake…this is because of the cream cheese frosting. I love cream cheese. The recipe also called for me to make caramel and I had never made caramel. I wanted to try it. I probably need a little more practice…. so it isn’t really strongly caramel flavored but still…. seriously delicious.

Once you have made three 9″ cakes and enough frosting to cover them…. you may be a little intimidated. I was.  And I was tired. I had washed most of the massive pile of dishes although not all of them. I stacked up the cakes on a plate and wrapped it in plastic wrap and put it and the gigantic tub of caramel cream cheese frosting into the fridge. Today I took it out to assemble it. cringe…

The pic above may have you believe that this went relatively well. The frosting isn’t smooth but it doesn’t look too bad. I could have left it at that… but I like to be authentic.

The not-so-good side

Here it is : Yes the bottom layer is really just a tiny bit bigger (different brand of 9 inch cake pan). Yes, the frosting pooled a little at the bottom because I let it get too warm. Yes, there is a hole in frosting where the cake peeps through. Yes, it leans…. but just a bit.  Actually I can’t stop laughing at it. I was out on the porch taking the pics cause the light is better and my new neighbors were moving furniture and must think I’m a total lunatic.

I do expect it to be delicious…but now that I attempted it I really should go back to making only 1 layer or better yet cupcakes.

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