zydeco soup

I, of course, did not share this soup with anyone, but I suspect it would be a crowd favorite. A little ham, some green pepper and just enough spice to be interesting but not ‘spicy.’  It also has hominy and I really like hominy. If you have not had soup with hominy in it then I suggest you try this. Look in the ‘Mexican’ section of the “World” aisle at your grocery store. The rest of the ingredients should also be easy to come by regardless of where you live….okay I have never attempted to buy a can of black-eyed peas in WI… so don’t quote me on that one.

The recipe is called Zydeco Soup which I assume suggests a Louisiana connection… I don’t see it…but whatever. It is easy and tasty. The recipe seems very American to me actually. I mean hominy is used in Mexican cuisine but also in southern cooking, and green pepper…for some reason green pepper just seems so American to me. Do they use green pepper in other countries? It seems like they prefer their peppers to be ripe… Anyway, the linked recipe is basically identical to the one I used. I have never found golden hominy in a 14 oz can; I got 28 oz of white hominy and put it all in, so mine was perhaps a little more hominy-y. Also the green pepper I bought was the size of a squash. Kind of freaky really.

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